Yeah, she has a hold of me!  No matter what I do, she won’t set me free. 
She has a grip on my heart, it’s like some kind of sick art. 
The theme is always changing, my thoughts are always rearranging. 
I try to push her away, but to no avail, she is persistent and wants to stay. She will keep me awake without fail. 
She’s been weighing on me forever.  I am learning to contain her; however.
Step by step, day by day, I know I will find a way! 
I won’t let her hinder my growth!  Go ahead, take that as an oath!  My word is true, I know what she can do! 
She’s accompanied me to the bottom and made me feel just rotten! 
She paints a bleak picture and always keeps it with her. 
Although she is with me, that picture I don’t always see.  I push it away every minute of every day. 
Sometimes I see a glimpse, and yes, it makes me wince. 
I don’t let it overcome me, though.  My persistence to her I want to show! 
With my life, I am painting my own picture, it is slowly getting bigger. 
As it grows, so do I, and her picture looks more and more like a lie.
  Hopefully, one day she will disappear, and with her, take her fear! 
Until she does, I will keep painting.  For when she is vulnerable, I’ll be waiting!

(Anxiety is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Gabriel)