Be Successful by Utilizing Highly Effective Habits you Need to Know! (Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind)

Welcome to blog post number two in the series of Be Successful by Utilizing Highly Effective Habits you Need to Know! So far we have discussed the first habit (Be Proactive) introduced by Stephen Covey in his best selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Today we will discuss habit two, begin with the end in mind!

The next habit Covey introduces us to involves beginning with the end in mind.  By beginning with the end in mind, we are able to focus more clearly on the things that actually matter to us.  If we don’t consider what we want to achieve in the long run, we can very easily get lost in our everyday life.  If we remain focused on our end goal, we can more easily stay aware and continue to move in the right direction.

This might be a good time for you to consider some of your goals in life.  In order to help you do that, I would ask you to consider what your values are.  Covey explains that by reminding yourself of your values, you will be better able to remain focused on your goals.  He also explains that no matter what our values are, our central focus (or are centers) are what will drive us fundamentally and determine how we act every day.  He goes on to suggest that our centers should be principle focused.  Our principles, unlike other things that often become our central focus, are unchanging and will give us guidance in making the right decisions in everyday life. 

It is often easy to let some of these things become the central focus of our lives.  But we should remember that these things are ever changing and can often times let us down or lead us astray.  Principles like remaining faithful and hopeful, doing what you love and focusing on the positive, and being grateful, however, never change and serve as guides to lead us to our goals.

Beginning with the end in mind is extremely important in our recovery process as well.  Throughout our journey there will doubtless be times when we want to drink or use, but by focusing on our principles and end goals, we will be better able to overcome those cravings, triggers, and urges. In all things, today you can begin with the end in mind!

(Photo by Matt Botsford)