Get Back In Good Physical Shape

There are numerous benefits provided to us when we are in good physical shape.  I know exercise probably isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to think about, but research has proven that there are a wide variety of benefits correlated with exercise, including:  better sleep quality, an increased level of productivity, increase in development of brain cells, a longer life span, lowers health risks (diabetes, cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and obesity), stronger bones, decreased amount of migraines, a boosted immune system, a better sex life, and it provides benefits to our mental health.

What we consume into our bodies also has a large effect on our physical shape.  We will talk about food later on, but for now I would like to focus on the effect alcohol consumption has on our body.  To start off with, let’s consider the caloric intake of the average drink:

Alcoholic BeverageCalories
Light Beer (12 oz. Average)110
Dark Beer (12 oz. Average)168
Red Wine (5 oz.)105
White Wine (5 oz.)100
Gin (1.5 oz, 80 proof)97
Rum (1.5 oz, 80 proof)197
Vodka (1.5 oz, 80 proof)97
Whiskey (1.5 oz, 80 proof)116
Tequila (1.5 oz, 80 proof)96

I am not going to begin to make any assumptions about your drinking habits, but I know what mine were.  I was consuming alcohol anywhere from three to seven times a week.  I would typically drink anywhere from five to ten beers and two to five shots of whiskey.  So, on an average week I would consume approximately 4,308 calories from alcohol.  That means I was adding that many (virtually empty) calories to my diet a week.

Not only was I adding the empty calories, but on the days I would decide to consume alcohol, nine times out of ten I was not going to exercise.  So, I was adding empty calories and substantially decreasing my potential for exercise.  We will get into this more later, but for now; by staying sober, today you can get in better physical shape. 

(Photo by Tim Foster)