Patience in Love

Patience is a virtue, so we are told, but hearing that often gets old. 
There is one area in particular in which I seem to have the most trouble.  That is in the area of being deemed “loveable.” 
Will, I ever find “the one”?  Or is my heart’s fate to be continuously on the run?
  Is my love worthwhile?  Or is it estimated to be unworthy or vile? 
Should I stop trying?  Is that part of my personality dying? 
I hope that this is not the case.  Simply thinking about it makes my heart race.
  It is something I want so badly.  Something I wish could stop eluding me, and I often think of sadly.
  I have been close, I feel, but in the end, the feelings fail to be one hundred percent real.
  My relationships have always fallen short on some domain.  I know it has typically been my fault, however, so for that, I cannot complain. 
It still hurts, though, and at this point in my thinking, regret will always show.
  Moving on, I know, is the answer.  I feel like I am past that, though, and loneliness still looms like a cancer.
  So it’s back to being patient…  “Just wait,” they’ll say, as my heart grows more vacant. 
“The right person will find you when you least expect it.”  I had a hard time with that bit, but now I see it as a paradox and will wait; hopefully, love is never too late.

(Patience in Love is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Nick Fewings)