Sadness Endured

I hurt sure, but I’ve seen people hurt without a cure.
I try, but I’ve seen people’s try that makes me cry.
Yeah, I want, but some people need and still are distraught.
I am discouraged, but others aren’t even granted the capability ever to have any courage.
In retrospect, I still have distress, but in comparison know to others, it is far less.
So, I will try… And yes, sometimes cry.
But I will know that in every effort I show, I will grow.
Someday I will not want. Someday I will not be distraught.
I will find what is mine and be assured it is one of a kind.
Until then, I will not worry and will try not to be in a hurry.
I will remember to laugh at the past and have my future in grasp.
I will continue to be me and someday be free…
Because I know someone out there wants to be mine. I know I haven’t found her yet because she is one of a kind.

(Sadness Endured is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash)