Be Successful by Utilizing Highly Effective Habits you Need to Know! (Habit 7: : Sharpen the Saw)

Welcome to the final blog post in the series of Be Successful by Utilizing Highly Effective Habits you Need to Know! So far we have discussed the first habit (Be Proactive) , the second habit (Begin With the End in Mind), the third habit (Put First Things First), the fourth habit (Think Win-Win), the fifth habit (Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood), and the sixth habit (Synergize) introduced by Stephen Covey in his best selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Today we will discuss the final habit, sharpen the saw!

Covey’s seventh and final habit is focused around renewal (taking time to sharpen the saw).  In this habit, Covey encourages us to devote time to renewing the five dimensions in our lives:  social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental.  He states that by doing this, we increase our ability to be effective in each of the other habits—by remembering to “sharpen our saws,” we are providing ourselves with the opportunity of continuous growth. 

Taking action is a crucial step in recovery.  One action we can take that will help us to remain vigilant in our recovery is taking the time to “sharpen our saws.”  There are several things we can focus on in each dimension that will improve our ability to not only remain sober but to be successful as well. 

Today you can incorporate the habits into your everyday life.  Today you can make a choice to become proactive.  Today you can do your best, to begin with, the end in mind, and put first things first.  Today you can work towards win/win solutions as well as the ability to seek first to understand and then be understood.  Today you can reach the ability to experience synergy in your relationships.  TODAY YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

(Photo by Ian Stauffer)