Steps of Life

Once I was two years old, playing at the bottom of the stairs.  Doing what I was told.
Then I was five years old.  Halfway up the stairs.  Observing things unfold.
A few steps later, and I was twelve years old.  Two steps from the top, man, I was bold.
Now I have made it to the top and am eighteen.  What a scene!
But wait!  More steps have appeared and with them so many fears!
I am brave, though.  So up and up, I will go!
Now I have made it up the second set.  I am so tired, but can’t quit yet.
I am one step from the top, all that remains is just a little hop.
I am now twenty-eight and am about to jump to the top.  But I can’t.  I feel as heavy as a rock.
I consider going back down.  I quickly look for the steps, but they cannot be found.
Now I am stuck.  What unfortunate luck!
So I begin to wallow.  Immersed in my feelings of pain, pity, and sorrow.
Another two years have now gone by.  I suddenly look down.  I am not sure why.
I see three kids, and my heart jumps in bliss.
I am reminded of times of old, and again I am bold. 
I have now made it up the second set, but I can see I am not done climbing yet. 
This time my heart is not weary, however, and I am determined to make it to the top.  Even if I must continue climbing forever!

(Steps of Life is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Photo by Kenneth Borg)