My Expression of Life’s Questions

I ache for something more.  If I dared to dream, it would be of love’s allure. 
Only a fool dare not risk all when their dreams adventures and love come to call. 
I know sorrow and have been betrayed.  However, I fear not because I know my heart can be saved.
  I also know pain.  My efforts to control mine or others have always been made in vain. 
Although I cannot dance, my passion is pure, and I always give most things a chance. 
Faith, honesty, and trust for me have always been a must. 
To me, beauty is relative.  With that being said, I also believe shallow people are ignorant and selfish. 
I am not happy to fail, but when I do, faith, love, and hope typically avail.
  Perseverance is my number one trait.  To be hungry will never be my child’s fate.
  I tend to be bold.  In difficult situations, at least up to this point, I have yet to fold. 
When I am down, my principles are where hope can be found. 
Finally, I am often alone, but seldom am I lonely.  I enjoy who I am and hold all life’s moments closely.

(My Expression of Life’s Questions is a poem by Justin Heupel)
(Photo by Joshua Earle)