Yeah, she has a hold of me!  No matter what I do, she won’t set me free. 
She has a grip on my heart, it’s like some kind of sick art. 
The theme is always changing, my thoughts are always rearranging. 
I try to push her away, but to no avail, she is persistent and wants to stay. She will keep me awake without fail. 
She’s been weighing on me forever.  I am learning to contain her; however.
Step by step, day by day, I know I will find a way! 
I won’t let her hinder my growth!  Go ahead, take that as an oath!  My word is true, I know what she can do! 
She’s accompanied me to the bottom and made me feel just rotten! 
She paints a bleak picture and always keeps it with her. 
Although she is with me, that picture I don’t always see.  I push it away every minute of every day. 
Sometimes I see a glimpse, and yes, it makes me wince. 
I don’t let it overcome me, though.  My persistence to her I want to show! 
With my life, I am painting my own picture, it is slowly getting bigger. 
As it grows, so do I, and her picture looks more and more like a lie.
  Hopefully, one day she will disappear, and with her, take her fear! 
Until she does, I will keep painting.  For when she is vulnerable, I’ll be waiting!

(Anxiety is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Gabriel)

My Expression of Life’s Questions

I ache for something more.  If I dared to dream, it would be of love’s allure. 
Only a fool dare not risk all when their dreams adventures and love come to call. 
I know sorrow and have been betrayed.  However, I fear not because I know my heart can be saved.
  I also know pain.  My efforts to control mine or others have always been made in vain. 
Although I cannot dance, my passion is pure, and I always give most things a chance. 
Faith, honesty, and trust for me have always been a must. 
To me, beauty is relative.  With that being said, I also believe shallow people are ignorant and selfish. 
I am not happy to fail, but when I do, faith, love, and hope typically avail.
  Perseverance is my number one trait.  To be hungry will never be my child’s fate.
  I tend to be bold.  In difficult situations, at least up to this point, I have yet to fold. 
When I am down, my principles are where hope can be found. 
Finally, I am often alone, but seldom am I lonely.  I enjoy who I am and hold all life’s moments closely.

(My Expression of Life’s Questions is a poem by Justin Heupel)
(Photo by Joshua Earle)


I’ve had enough! It’s no one’s fault but my own!  My lack of discipline has been shown! 
I don’t feel like that justifies my ignorance, however.  I can’t live like this forever! 
Mistake after mistake, how many dumb decisions can one person make?! 
To that, there is no right answer, mistakes are just a cancer.
  Most are treatable, though; it depends on how far you’re willing to go?! 
Can you push yourself past that limit?  That moment when you think there is no way to win it!?
  I know I can, I have before, even after people had hope for me no more! 
So I’ll get past this as well, even if in pain I must dwell. 
I know afterward, I will reap my reward, of this I am assured! 
I’m going to overcome every lousy decision; this is my mission, and my mission I will stand by.  I will not fail, I’d rather die…
(Overcome! is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by
Gayatri Malhotra)

Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard: the act of loving without a charge.
A commitment to see past a person’s mistakes & be there with them no matter what it takes!
To know they may have been wrong, but for them to stay strong.
Realizing that we can’t be perfect & when there are struggles, fighting is not worth it.
Wanting the best for a person and settling for nothing less.
Understanding what is right and not letting you give up without a fight!
Believing in you when you feel like life is through!
Forgiving, no matter how wrong, and still being able to stay strong.
This characteristic is hard to find, and a person with it is one of a kind!
So if you are lucky enough to come across someone this loving, never let them go…
I won’t, I KNOW!

Unconditional Positive Regard is a poem by Justin Heupel
(Photo by Mark Adriane )


Can I be more like water?  Flow-through life drifting over things and people who do not matter.
Can I quench another’s thirst?  Can I slow my flow when a person’s dam is about to burst?
Can I provide others refreshment when all they feel is resentment?
When it is time to grow, can I provide nourishment and let good intentions show?
When people are feeling weary, can I provide distraction or entertainment to help them see life’s intentions clearly?
All I can do is try and do these things like water.  In the end, it is all that will matter.

Water is a poem by Justin Heupel (Photo by Didin Emelu )

Tired Thoughts

My mind goes blank, but of what?! That is the debate!
For I still possess a yearning.  Inside me, it just keeps turning. 
At times I wait to see what can be done, but at others, it seems this awful feeling has won. 
At times I have great aspirations, yet they often seem to be quelled by dire situations.  As hard as I try, these opportunities so often seem to fly by. 
Even so, I do not consider this defeat, only another challenge I must meet! 
I must make it easier on myself, however, and in every action, be oh so clever.

(Tired Thoughts is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Rishabh Agarwal)

Patiently Probing Possibilities

Patience is a virtue, laziness, a sin.  We all harbor each within.
  It is said that those who work hard will be rewarded, and the efforts of the lazy will be thwarted. 
Myself?  I am trying to find that fine line, where strength and patience align.
  I work for things I love, at times patiently seeking guidance from above. 
Other times, however, I tend to think I am more clever and end up doing whatever. 
At this point, I tend to wonder, why is it that I fail?  For my coffin, is it just one more nail? 
It could be, but what if that’s not the case?  What if all of my inpatient decisions are just a waste, to be filed in the garbage and erased. 
  Where would that leave me, though?  Isn’t there something from my mistakes I can show? 
Maybe not, but from them, I can learn a lot!  So that is what I will try to do, after all, no one is perfect, even you!

(Patiently Probing Possibilities is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Holger Link )