Where to Go if You Feel You Have an Issue With Addiction

At Today You Can, the suggestion would be to visit a health professional as soon as possible if you feel you have an issue with addiction.  This is important because discontinuing a drug without the proper information can be very dangerous.  Once you are deemed to be safe, it might be a good idea to seek treatment.  The American Addiction Centers suggests that you begin searching for rehab or detox centers near you by conducting a search with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.   Be prepared to verify your income, whether you have any insurance and any need for financial support before you can enroll.  Free rehab centers and public assistance for rehab do exist. Exploring treatment avenues such as these is a good idea as it may reveal detox programs and other recovery options available to you at little or no cost. There are also opportunities to defray the cost of treatment or to have it covered by another entity.

I hope this helped you understand where to go if you feel you have an issue with addiction.

Stay out of legal trouble

Other than a few speeding tickets I got as a teenager, 100% of the legal trouble I have gotten in have involved alcohol.  Approximately 1.5 million drivers get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol each year in the United States.

As I mentioned in my story, I have gotten 3 operating while intoxicated violations.  I also got a few drunk and disorderly related tickets.  Being intoxicated altered my ability to make good decisions.  In fact, being intoxicated lead me to make downright stupid decisions.  I am extremely grateful that I had never hurt anyone when I was driving. Still, the reality is that it could have happened. 

If you have ever gotten into any legal trouble, you know that it can get to be overwhelming and expensive.  If you haven’t, I am very happy for you and would encourage you to do whatever it takes (including remaining sober) to keep it that way.  For me, it has cost me A LOT of money, time, freedom, and opportunity.  It has cost me tens of thousands of dollars.  I have had to spend quite a bit of time in courtrooms, jails, and other institutions.  I have lost my ability to drive multiple times, and being on probation has inhibited my ability to do certain things.I am extremely confident that as long as I remain sober, I can avoid all of those hassles related to legal trouble. 

If you have been in or are currently in legal trouble, I am sure that remaining sober will, at the very least, decrease the possibility of you getting in more trouble legally.  If you are fortunate enough to have avoided any type of legal trouble up to this point, I am fairly confident that you will eventually end up getting in some sort of legal trouble if you remain in active addiction.  In either case, why take the chance?  Today you can get through another day sober and avoid the potential of the negative legal consequences you face in active addiction! Today you can stay out of legal trouble!

(Photo by Najib Kalil)