Unturned Tides

Tides unturned with lessons unlearned…  Life goes on, I remain strong. 
Bigger waves come; all I do is run. 
I’m still above water, but running has become harder. 
What to do now?  I’d like to swim but I don’t know how.
A storm is coming, and there is no running. 
I try to float, but there is no hope. 
A wave takes me under…  I begin to wonder… 
Who am I now?  Who stole my dreams, and how?
  The further I sink, the more I think… 
I’m almost to the bottom, my hopes are gone; somehow, I lost ’em.
  Ok, here we go…  The end of the show! 
Oh no, this must be a dream, wake up quick…  It’s not as bad as it seems! 
Ok ok! I’m awake and alive…  What a scary dream…  Things are never as bad as they seem!

Tired Thoughts is a poem by Justin Heupel (Photo by Ian Espinosa )