Tired and Tried

So today, I’m feeling a bit tried; it’s as if a part of my heart has died. 
The part that feels for those in need, it bothers me indeed. 
But those who beg, I guess differ, for them my heart grows even stiffer. 
I know it sounds wrong, but the feeling is so strong! 
If those that begged, wined and cried only tried.  
Their lives would grow so much more, and my heart would not be as sore!
For I don’t like to say no, and the hurt continues to grow. 
If I say yes, it creates a mess. 
It’s like planting a seed, one that takes money to feed. 
How big can it grow?  Only God can know! 
So many questions arise!  Will this person be my demise?
  Will they ever stop?  Is there no line they won’t cross? 
Are their stories true?  Is there really nothing else they can do? 
I think if only they would try harder, my heart might grow larger, but all they do is make excuses…  What?  Are they useless? 
No, I don’t think so, all they need to do is give it a go. 
At first, it might be slow, but that’s how it is for most!  In life, you cannot just coast! 
I worked hard to get what’s mine, every penny every dime. 
So should they too, and after that, I’ll see what I can do.

(Tired and Tried is a poem by Justin Heupel) (Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash)