Unconditional Positive Regard

Unconditional positive regard: the act of loving without a charge.
A commitment to see past a person’s mistakes & be there with them no matter what it takes!
To know they may have been wrong, but for them to stay strong.
Realizing that we can’t be perfect & when there are struggles, fighting is not worth it.
Wanting the best for a person and settling for nothing less.
Understanding what is right and not letting you give up without a fight!
Believing in you when you feel like life is through!
Forgiving, no matter how wrong, and still being able to stay strong.
This characteristic is hard to find, and a person with it is one of a kind!
So if you are lucky enough to come across someone this loving, never let them go…
I won’t, I KNOW!

Unconditional Positive Regard is a poem by Justin Heupel
(Photo by Mark Adriane )